Online Classes: How and Why?


Online Classes: How and why?

We recognize that these are difficult and stressful times. A national emergency to us means that it is now everyone's job to slow the spread of Covid-19. The main reason being to prevent the health care system from being overwhelmed with patients all needing beds and respirators

simultaneously. We, alongside many others in our community, are doing our small part to help by designing a system that makes our curriculum and online classes run effectively and efficiently. When things are back to normal, anyone who lives close enough will be able to join in person, If there is an overlap with online and in-person classes, we will make it work with technology! What does an online acting class look like?

You can attend class on your laptop, PC, or even your tablet or smartphone. This is a video Audio conference call on a platform called Zoom. This is a link to a very simple, less than three minute, explanation on using zoom:


               Now you may be concerned, even bewildered, by the idea of an acting class being taught online. I am not surprised by this feeling, I had also shared the same concerns. But my personal experience teaching acting classes online has shown me that while this is not an ideal situation, it is far from a terrible or impossible situation. We have successfully migrated our entire curriculum online, creating an interactive, engaging, and easy to navigate experience. I am very lucky that I am also an acting teacher at LSU and that my wife, Sonya Cooke, is an acting teacher. We have been able to access a worldwide community of teachers solving the problem of teaching on-line. It turns out that performing arts have been taught online for many years now by some very talented instructors. We are all trying to figure this out together. If you have any great ideas or questions, please share them with me at