Fall: Acting Fundamentals: One  on Tuesdays

Fall: Acting Fundamentals: One on Tuesdays


The fundamentals of acting. An 8-week exploration into living truthfully and the 7 Pillars acting techniques. Wednesday Nights starting March 1st and ending April 19th

This class is usually $350 but will be on sale for $300 until and then will be 320 until Feb 1st . After that the class price will go back up to 350. Sign up now. Yes early bird applies with other coupons!  

Class will be taught Tuesdays Nights 730-930 pm

Space is limited. And will be taught in person. BRAS reseraves the right require masks or move the class online using zoom at the our discression. 

Instructor is Brett Duggan

Required Reading is Seven Pillars Acting By Sonya Cooke

Payment plans are available with a contract.

Scholarships may be available please reach out to find out about opportunities. 

  • Return Policy


    As this is an educational program, attendance is crucial to the integrity of the learning

    environment. Without a firm committment from our students, classes cannot occur.

    Therefore we have a STRICT no refund/no transfer policy. We expect our students to

    triple check their schedules and make a FIRM commitment before signing up to ensure

    that they can make their classes. We are able to excuse absences when emergencies occur

    (usually requiring official documentation, such as a doctor's note.) In which case,

    students may make-up a class by attending another night or another semester or section of

    classes. When a student misses a class and it is unexcused, they forfeit that tuition. Again,

    once you sign up and pay for the class, your tuition in non-refundable nor transferable.

    You have been warned!